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Liu An Gua Pian Melon Slice Green Tea

Liu An Gua Pian Tea, a Green Tea, is one of the 10 most famous Chinese Teas . The literal English Translation for the tea is Liu An Melon Seed, or Liu An Melon Slice.

Organic Peppermint Tea

Organic peppermint tea is a green tea with a hint of peppermint. It helps in refreshment and rejuvenation of your senses. It enhances passion and creativity.

Yunnan Gold Black Tea

Yunnan Gold Black Tea is a full-bodied, strong black tea that is an excellent morning brew.

Organic Premium Sencha Tea

The air drying process ensures that it retains its vegetal flavor and glossy look but with the hint of sweetness that almost every sencha has.

Bi Luo Chun Snail Spring

Balance your day off with a refreshing cup of Bi Luo Chun Green Snail Spring tea. This tea is traditionally produced near the Dongting mountain of the Jiangsu province.

Tie Guan Yin (Weight Loss Diet Tea)

Tie Guan Yin is well-known for its weight-loss properties. It has anti-fat building agents that slowly but surely help melt away that excess fat in the body.

Organic Dragon Well (Premium)

Organic Dragon Well is a green tea that has been pan fried. It has a smooth toasted-flavor, is mellow and has a very notable bittersweet finish that is surprisingly fresh and tippy.

Organic Japanese Matcha Tea

It has a creamy and fresh flavor and is made from tender, shade-grown tea leaves that have been stone-ground into a very fine powder.

Bai Lin Gong Fu Super Black Tea

The Bailin Gongfu is the highest quality Fujian black tea. This splendid beverage is produced at Mt. Taimu in Fujian, and is crafted from Fuding DaBai and Da Hao trees.

Huang Shan Mao Feng Green Tea

The tea is one of the most famous teas in China and can almost always be found on the China Famous Tea list.

Ice Wine Tea

It is a beautiful blend of wine with the healthy green tea ans thus acknowledged as an important Canadian delicacy.

Organic Silver Needle White Tea

The Organic Silver Needle White Tea has a savory aroma, a sweet flavor and is a rich-bodied brew. The airy and soft feel that it leaves on the palate is topped-off by a rounded finish.

Jade Oolong (Premium) Tea

It always tastes fresh and revitalizes the senses. It is picked every spring and winter and treated with great care and attention. This unique loose tea is perfect for multiple infusions.

Strawberry Kiwi Tea

Strawberry kiwi tea is a green tea blended beautifully with kiwi and strawberries. This tea is beneficial for health as it combine the benefits of strawberry, kiwi and green tea.

Organic High Mountain(Cold Water Brew Tea)

You will also notice undertones of sweet ripe fruit and the mossy green flavor of the rich dry leaves only adds to the experience.

Organic Premium Sencha Tea

This light smelling, cloudy gold green brew has an earthy, grassy and sweet-floral full note that refreshes with every sip.

Ceremonial Matcha Tea

The Ceremonial Matcha Tea has a distinctly grassy kind of aroma. It feels unique in the mouth and has a mildly bitter but definitely refreshing taste.

Organic Peppermint Tea

Organic peppermint tea is a green tea with a hint of peppermint. It helps in refreshment and rejuvenation of your senses. It enhances passion and creativity.

Royal Pu-Erh Tea

The Royal Pu-Erh Tea is a truly royal treat. It is malty and smooth and has the deepest tones of chocolate and espresso.

Snow Monkey Jasmine Green Tea

It is a green teas, It mixed with young leaves and scented with Jasmine Flower Its mellow quality has the sweet, fragrant character of Jasmine Blossom.

Pearl Jasmine Tea

These beautiful pearls are then scented and flavored with numerous fresh jasmine pearls.

Premium Keemun Tea

It has very faint hints of green vegetation. It leaves a surprising floral aftertaste that opens-up like a fragrant flower and permeates your senses.

Gyokuro Genmaicha Tea

This dark-green refreshing tea blend invigorates the senses with its medium–bodied texture and notably fragrant and soft blend. An exceptionally high-end, well balanced tea.

Organic Bohea Lapsang Tea

Organic Bohea Lapsang Tea is a smolderingly smoky tea with a rich aroma. It has a pleasant peaty after-note with a hint of warmth.
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