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Japanese Style Green Tea-Genmaicha
Japanese Style Green Tea-Genmaicha


Genmaicha, is the Japanese name for green tea blended with roasted brown rice. The blend balances the aroma of green tea with the nutty flavor of the roasted rice. It traces its origin from Japan. Some people call Genmaicha a “popcorn tea” because it contains whole roasted grains of brown rice, some of which have popped during the roasting process and resemble popcorn. The tea gives a delicate vegetal green flavor which is balanced by the nutty flavor imparted by the roasted rice. Genmaicha is a staple tea of Japan and Korea and it is originally drunk by poor Japanese, the rice served as a filler and reduced the price of the tea which is why it is also known as the "people's tea."

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Region: Zhe Jiang Province

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The Japanese Style Green Tea-Genmaicha has a toasted and savory flavor. Its light body complements its limited bitterness. It’s a traditional Japanese tea that is a heady mix of organic green tea and toasted organic brown rice. This tea is known for its popcorn flavor with a lingering light green roasted taste. And if you are paying attention, you will detect a hint of a floral taste as you sip on it. It’s an everyday use tea and can be enjoyed at any time of the day and tastes great in its iced version as well.


Genmaicha Tea is the Japanese name used to describe green tea combined with roasted brown rice. It is an appetizing Japanese green tea, having a light yellow color and a sweet nutty flavor emanating from the combination with roasted brown rice. Originally, this tea was drunk by poor Japanese people who were unable to purchase a sufficient amount of tea leaves and used it as filler but now it is one of the most liked beverages consumed by people around the globe. It provides a relaxing and soothing experience to the stomach that’s why it is considered as a wonderful drink for morning or evening.


Green tea is considered to have originated in China. However, is claimed to have been popularized in Japan around 1190, when a Zen priest visiting and studying in China’s Buddhist monasteries and temples returned to Japan with tea plant seeds and bushes. The young priest, called Eisai, used his experience for growing tea in China and to popularize the way of tea as a meditation ritual within his own community of Buddhist monks, eventually spreading the custom of tea drinking to the rest of Japan. Today, China and Japan are the top two green tea producing and exporting countries in the world.

How it works:

Genmaicha Tea is made up of green tea leaves and whole grains of roasted brown rice. The green tea leaves are being dried, then rice is added and as the kernel roast, some of the grains pop which looks like popcorn. When brewed, this tea gives light yellow hue and is quite mild to drink. The taste is nutty and has a subtle fragrance of roasted rice which helps in balancing the bitterness. Genmaicha green Tea is enjoyed worldwide for its invigorating, fresh character preserved through numerous crafting styles and firing methods.


Genmaicha tea is loaded with polyphenols, such as catechins and gallic acid and offers an array of antioxidants like carotenoids and ascorbic acid. If drank on a regular basis it can help in boosting the immune system and also drain the toxins from your body.

It is a proven force against hypertension and helps in lowering blood pressure. It also helps in lowering the risk of cardiovascular diseases and prevents cell damage caused by free radicals.

It helps in improving the joint and bone strength and therefore proves beneficial and effective for those who suffer from arthritis or rheumatism.

It is beneficial for those who suffer from diabetes as it considerably increases the activity of insulin and reduces the glucose level in the organism.

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